Brennan Selling Badlands Motor Speedway

It appears Chuck Brennan's brief foray into race track ownership is nearing an end.

In a statement/sales flyer released Wednesday morning, Brennan announced that he is looking to sell Badlands Motor Speedway, formerly known as Huset's Speedway, less than two years after purchasing the historic facility from the Rubin family.

Yep, you read that right.

Brennan suddenly wants to sell the place he very recently gave a $10 million makeover.

The reason?

Well, it apparently has nothing to do with his love for the place or the sport that it houses.

It is also not the fault of the drivers or the fans…except those that voted for South Dakota Measure 21.

Those 270,278 people helped place the interest rate cap of 36 percent on short-term loans, effectively crippling Brennan’s business backbone and leaving “hundreds without jobs and tens of thousands without a safe and alternative financial option”.

If you believe all of that, he’s got a race track he’d like to sell you.

Is it possible that Brennan is “reevaluating his economic presence in South Dakota and will be selling several of his many properties and businesses in the State and diverting that business to the other markets that he currently operates in” solely because of Measure 21?


Is it also possible that Brennan’s grand vision for Badlands Motor Speedway and the racing business in general simply turned out to be less lucrative than he imagined?

That’s where most of my money would be.

All sarcasm aside, Chuck Brennan has done a lot of good things for his hometown and this state. That much is inarguable. His investment in Sioux Falls, particularly in the area near his childhood home, cannot be ignored and should be applauded.

But racing – the sport itself and the people that support it – deserves better.

The facility looks great, Chuck. It really does. Thank you for making it one of the best around.  

It sure would be a shame to see it go to waste.

Summer silence in Brandon would be absolutely deafening. I hope you consider that as you move through this process. 

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