Ode(eo) to the Rodeo

Cowboy Christmas comes to Clear Lake, SD, with the 74th annual Crystal Springs Rodeo. It's a bucket list event and Midco Sports Network's Tom Nieman lays out why in a little ditty to life outside the city... an Ode(eo) to the Rodeo.

Podcast: Little Big League Actor Luke Edwards

25 years ago, Little Big League arrived in theaters. Although it only made a modest $12 million at the box office, it cemented its place as a classic kids' baseball movie on home video. For fans of the Minnesota Twins, it was especially noteworthy, since it featured their hometown team. One of those fans is our own David Brown! On this edition of...

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Phekran Kong Chooses Louisville

If you’re talking about the medical field, penetrating keratoplasty. If you’re talking about gaming, it’s taking out another player’s character. If you talk about a soccer, it’s a penalty kick. But if you’re talking volleyball in South Dakota, P.K. means just one thing: Phekran Kong, one of the best volleyball players in the...

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Podcast: NHL Draft Preview

This weekend, 217 hockey prospects from around the world will realize a childhood dream when they hear their name called in Vancouver’s Rogers Arena during the 2019 NHL Entry Draft. Not surprisingly, a number of those young men in line for selection are connected with the University of North Dakota, whether as current players, incoming recruits or...

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Stepping Back to Step Forward – Extending the 3-Point Line

In the midst of the College World Series field being set, the Stanley Cup Final and the NBA Finals, the thought of the college basketball season seems pretty distant. It feels like it was about a year ago that we watched March Madness come to a close, wondered what we would do with our lives without college hoops on TV consistently, and dreamt of...