Midco Sports Magazine: Wiffle Ball World Series

“We were 24-25 years old for the first one with no thoughts of it turning into this at that point. But you know how it goes… we got it started and it snowballed.” – Pat Bresnahan, The President “All these guys were little and they’re all coming home and that’s why we work hard and do it every year. We love having everybody come back.” - Bob...

Making an Impact: Les Schroeder

Les Schroeder was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at birth. But he doesn't let that stop him from being a volleyball coach at Tea Area, and making an impact.

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Midco Sports Magazine: Augustana Hockey - Breaking Ground

Division I hockey is coming to South Dakota! Augustana University in Sioux Falls plans to drop the puck in the fall of 2023, but the foundation for the program starts right now. Where the future holds ice, the present holds dirt. On the surface, Augustana University’s glide into hockey at the Division I level is a seamless transition. But beneath...

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Augustana Breaks Ground on Division 1 Hockey

Augustana formally announced that they're adding a division one hockey program, and broke ground on the new Midco arena.

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Augustana University Breaks Ground at Midco Arena

The puck is set to drop at the Midco Arena on Augustana University’s campus in the fall of 2023. The announcement was made during a public groundbreaking ceremony.

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