2021 SD High School Volleyball State Tournament Preview

South Dakota High School Volleyball State Tournament Preview

This year’s state tournaments will be combined in one location at the new “Summit Arena at The Monument” facility in Rapid City, SD. Here is a primer on the teams that will compete for a championship this weekend.

Class B

12:00 PM             8) Burke (29-8) vs. 1) Platte-Geddes (32-4)

1:45 PM               5) Colman-Egan (25-7) vs. 4) Chester Area (26-5)

6:00 PM               7) Aberdeen Christian (23-3) vs. 2) Warner (30-5)

7:45 PM               6) Faulkton Area (26-6) vs. 3) Arlington (30-5)


#1 Platte-Geddes 

Record: 32-4

Head Coach: Melissa Johnson


Karly Vanderwerff           433 kills (.361), 59 blocks, 468 digs

Cadence Van Zee             345 kills (.247), 79 aces

Avery Devries                    9.9 ast/set, 33 blocks, 69 aces

Regan Hoffman                 440 digs

Notes: The Black Panthers started the season 11-0  and finished their season on a 16-game win streak. They’ve only lost one game in Class B all season (Arlington on 9/18). They are led by sophomores Karly Vanderwerff and Cadence Van Zee with junior Avery Devries setting. They beat Burke in five sets in their last match with the Cougars on September 21.


#2 Warner 

Record: 30-5

Head Coach: Kari Jung


Kyra Marcuson                  326 kills (.227), 43 aces, 241 digs

Jennifer Aman                   300 kills (.183), 16 blocks

Ava Nilsson                         9.3 ast/set, 63 aces, 38 blocks, 225 digs

Courtney Bjorgaard         407 digs

Notes: Warner has won state titles under coach Kari Jung in 2007, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2018. This season seniors Jennifer Aman and Peyton Fisher lead a youthful team with a lot of talent to try to capture another championship. They lost four times at the Sanford Pentagon Tournament in late September but just one other time during the year. They come into the state tournament winning 17 straight. Their quarterfinal matchup is against fellow region member, Aberdeen Christian who they last played on opening night (won 3-0).


#3 Arlington 

Record: 30-5

Head Coach: Josie Weber


Hadley Carlson                  637 kills (.342), 23 blocks, 466 digs

Grace Parry                         80 aces, leads team in assists

Erin Haufschild                  201 kills, 36 aces

Morgan Larsen                  238 digs


Notes: Arlington makes their first state tournament appearance since 2014. They didn’t get swept all season long and went max sets in four of their five losses. Seniors Grace Parry, Erin Haufschild and Hadley Carlson have led the team mixed in with some outstanding underclassmen. They have wins against Colman-Egan, Faulkton, Burke and Platte-Geddes who are all state tourney teams. Their quarterfinal match with Faulkton is a rematch of the Cardinals 2-0 win against them in the Arlington tournament earlier this year.


#4 Chester Area 

Record: 26-5

Head Coach: Jean O'Hara


Jayda Kenyon                    2.6 kills/set, (.264), 33 blocks

Breckyn Ewoldt                 3.4 kills/Set, (.253)

Lily Van Hal                         56 aces, 6.0 ast/set

Addison Bates                   67 blocks

Emery Larson                     6.9 digs/set

Jacy Wolf                             3.6 digs/set



The Flyers have played one of the toughest schedules in the class including four matches against AA teams. They face fellow Region 4B foe, Colman-Egan in the quarterfinals. The last time they played Chester won 3-1 on the road.


#5 Colman-Egan 

Record: 25-7

Head Coach: Abigail Dockter


Mackenzie Hemmer       367 kills (.224), 74 blocks, 441 digs

Hailey Larson                     351 kills (.282), 52 blocks, 396 digs

Ava Mousel                        518 assists

Lanie Mousel                     332 assists

Daniela Lee                         165 kills , 353 digs

Kadance Landis                 29 aces,



Notes: Colman-Egan shook up the volleyball landscape when they defeated previously unbeaten Bridgewater-Emery in the region semifinal. Colman-Egan was down 2-0 and stormed back to win the last three sets and they haven’t come down since.


#6 Faulkton Area

Record: 26-6

Head Coach: Mallory Schlechter


Addison Melius                 47 aces

Isabel Aesoph                    54 aces, led team in kills

Shayna Heitmann

Camryn Deiter                   558 assists

Gabby Kast                         373 assists

Notes: Faulkton has now qualified for the state tournament for the fourth year in a row. Last year they were the consolation champs and in 2019 they were the runners up which means they have a 4-2 record at state over the past two years.


#7 Aberdeen Christian 

Record: 23-3

Head Coach: Maggie Jett


Mary Fites                           288 kills, 52 aces

Hanna Miller                      237 kills

Mallory Miller                    195 kills, 71 blocks

Joy Rohrbach                     459 digs



Aberdeen Christian had their best season in school history making the state tournament for the first time. They have a stellar blocking team with Mallory Miller as the staple at middle hitter and Hanna Miller and Mary Fites on the outside. Their team has 102 solo blocks and 121 block assists this season.


#8 Burke 

Record: 29-8

Head Coach:


Adisyn Indahl                     547 kills (.284), 61 aces, 564 digs

Kailee Frank                        269 kills, 89 aces, 376 digs

Paige Bull                             138 kills, 109 blocks

Elle Johnson                       469 digs

Ava Sargent                        394 assists

Elly Witt                               374 assists



Notes: After dropping three straight matches in late October, the future didn’t look promising for Burke. But they regrouped and finished strong with four straight wins to get to the state tournament including a 3-1 win over Wolsey-Wessington in the SoDak 16. They are led by junior, Adisyn Indahl and have had two freshmen step up with Kailee Frank and Paige Bull. They run out two setters with Ava Sargent and Elly Witt sharing equal responsibility.



Class A

12:00 PM             8) Parkston (21-14) vs. 1) Sioux Falls Christian (32-4)

1:45 PM               5) Hill City (26-7) vs. 4) Wagner (27-6)

6:00 PM               2) Elkton-Lake Benton (22-11) vs. 7) Garretson (27-1)

7:45 PM               6) Hamlin (26-6) vs. 3) Dakota Valley (26-8)


#1 Sioux Falls Christian 

Record: 32-4

Head Coach: Darci Wassenaar


Katie Van Egdom              265 kills (.327), 232 digs

Sydney Tims                       279 kills (.308), 86 blocks, 51 aces

Kylah vanDonkersgoed  62 aces, 47 blocks, 265 digs

Ellie Lems                            45 aces, 125 kills, 58 blocks

Addisen Barber                 883 assists, 156 digs

Peyton Poppema             44 aces, 152 kills, 169 digs



Notes: The gold standard in South Dakota volleyball, Sioux Falls Christian, had another outstanding season. They went unbeaten in the state and even beat teams in larger classes. The Chargers have won four straight Class A titles and 6 of the last 7.


#2 Garretson 

Record: 27-1

Head Coach: Dennis Northrup


Lily Ranschau                     342 kills (.274), 31 blocks, 265 digs

Logan Bly                             230 kills (.297), 46 aces, 68 blocks

Kaylin Koch                         183 kills (.200)

Jaelyn Benson                   34 aces, 294 digs, 8.7 asts/set

Alli Gawarecki                   34 aces

Lexi Gawarecki                  31 aces, 261 digs

Anna Jones                         40 blocks



Garretson hasn’t been to the state tournament since 1997, they’ve had a spectacular season. They have lost just one set in their last 11 matches. Elkton-Lake Benton is the last team that’s taken them to max sets. The Blue Dragons have a very efficient offense and a true team defense. Their only loss on the season came to Chester back on September 11, 2021.


#3 Dakota Valley 

Record: 26-8

Head Coach: Mary Miller


Jorja Vandenhul                               318 kills (.280), 64 aces, 62 blocks

Sophie Tuttle                     241 kills, 289 digs

Logan Miller                       47 aces, 8.7 asts/set

Tori Schulz                          42 blocks

Kate Vanrooyan                410 digs

Sammi Archer                    330 digs


Notes: The last three state tournaments that Dakota Valley has qualified for they’ve finished second in (2017, 2019, 2020). They’ve persevered all season long. Of their 8 losses only two were to Class A opponents (SF Christian losses on 9/23 and 10/16).



#4 Wagner 

Record: 27-6

Head Coach: Stacey Knebel


Emma Yost                          316 kills (.282), 44 aces, 436 digs

Kya Kjeldgaard                  212 kills (.337), 38 aces, 80 blocks

Shalayne Nagel                 190 kills, 67 blocks, 294 digs

Avari Bruguier                   183 kills, 291 digs

Macy Koupal                      57 aces, 247 digs, 9.1 asts/set

Madi Knebel                      53 aces, 300 digs

Shona Kocer                       77 blocks


Notes: The Red Raiders return to the state tournament for the first time since 2013. This team has steadily improved over the season. Underclassmen lead them in every statistical category. Emma Yost has been one of the top attackers in the class and has been a great addition to the team since transferring from Parkston.


#5 Hill City 

Record: 26-7

Head Coach: Renae Schneider


Marie Peckosh                  7.2 kills/set, 8.7 digs/set

Abby Siemonsma             7.8 digs/set, assist leader

Whitney Edwards            

Karsen Kirsch                     7.6 digs/set

Anna Dean                          9.2 digs/set

Maggie Taylor                    2.0 blocks/set



It’s been a strange ride for the Hill City volleyball team. They had a mid-season coaching change when Renae Schneider took over as the head coach. They return to the state tournament after a perfect November so far.



#6 Hamlin 

Record: 26-6

Head Coach:  Ashley Heinrich


Ally Abraham                     433 kills (.296), 47 aces, 64 blocks

Kami Wadsworth             198 kills, 58 blocks, 285 digs, 5.2 asts/set

Gracelyn Leiseth               194 kills, 77 blocks

Grace Everson                   63 aces, 6.6 asts/set

Addyson Neuendorf       40 aces, 11.7 digs/match

Alyssa West                        310 digs



The Chargers haven’t lost a match since they left Sioux Falls at the Sanford Pentagon Tournament in late September. This is the second year in a row that Hamlin has made it to state, last season they were defeated in the semifinals. Their four top attackers are all underclassmen with a senior setter Grace Everson and junior setter Kami Wadsworth distributing the ball.



#7 Elkton-Lake Benton 

Record: 22-11

Head Coach: Melissa Erickson


Rachel Krog                        296 kills, 479 digs, 33 aces

Kailyn Drietz                       299 kills, 42 aces

Aubree Bailes                    53 blocks, 174 kills

Kylie Ramlo                         81 blocks

Tevan Erickson                  419 digs, Assist leader


Notes: ELB played a tough one against Garretson on 10/4 when they took them to five sets. They have good power on their attacks and have played tough competition all season.


#8 Parkston 

Record: 21-14

Head Coach: Abbie Hobbick


Mya Nuebel                       249 kills, 70 aces, 461 digs

Brielle Bruening                250 kills, 62 blocks, 242 digs

Allison Ziebart                   237 kills, 32 aces, 384 digs

Gracie Oakley                    150 kills

Faith Oakley                       35 aces, 276 digs, 5.0 asts/set

Abby Hohn                          42 blocks

Kiauna Hargens                 241 digs

Baylee Schoenfelder      235 digs



The Trojans haven’t qualified for a state tournament since 2007. They bring a solid squad to the tourney this year with a variety of attackers. They made their presence known with a nice SoDak 16 win that went five sets against Rapid City Christian.



Class AA

12:00 PM             8) Huron (14-10) vs. 1) Sioux Falls Washington (28-1)

1:45 PM               5) Pierre (16-5) vs. 4) Brandon Valley (22-9)

6:00 PM               7) Sioux Falls Lincoln (19-11) vs. 2) O’Gorman (20-4)

7:45 PM               6) Harrisburg (19-9) vs. 3) Sioux Falls Roosevelt (20-9)


#1 Sioux Falls Washington 

Record: 28-1

Head Coach: Kelly Schroeder


Joslyn Richardson                             300 kills (.283), 55 aces, 348 digs

Macie Malchow                                49 aces, 24 blocks, 9.4 asts/set

Jadyn Schetnan                                 47 aces, 517 digs

Taryn Heibult                                     46 aces

Ellie Walker                                        206 kills, 91 aces, 22 blocks, 301 digs

Shelby Kinzer                                     181 kills, 37 aces, 44 blocks

Carly Beckstrand                              137 kills, 26 blocks

Kyra Thorstenson                            29 blocks

Ndjakalenga Mwenentanda        18 blocks, 32 sets



Washington’s only loss of the season came to Western Christian the top team in Iowa when they lost 2-1 on October 16. They have a great arsenal of attackers with Joslyn Richardson and Ellie Walker leading the way. Ndjakalenga Mwenentanda returned to the lineup to play the last 11 games of the season and presents a problem for opposing teams at the net. The overall combination of their stellar front line and the way Jadyn Schetnan and crew clean up the back make the Warriors the favorites to get it done.


#2 O’Gorman 

Record: 20-4

Head Coach: Cale Hecht


Bergen Reilly                      162 kills (.368), 28 aces, 24 blocks, 2.6 digs/set, 5.8 asts/set

Gabby Jones                      26 aces, 4.6 digs/set

Macy Matheson               179 kills

Bella Steffel                        173 kills (.229), 42 blocks

Brogan Beck                       181 kills (.305), 53 blocks

Makayla Tiahrt                  39 aces, 2.2 digs/set

Meghan Tiahrt                   25 aces, 2.8 digs/set



Injuries have sidetracked the Knights, but they continue to be one of the favorites at the state tournament. Brooke Harvison had been the setter most of the season, but her season ended in the middle of October. Luckily O’Gorman has one of the best setters in the nation to turn to, Bergen Reilly. She is just a junior and has committed to set for the University of Nebraska but had been one of the main attackers for the team until Harvison’s injury. The Knights have gotten solid play from the middle all year and Brogan Beck has stepped up to fill the void with a very strong second half of the season.


#3 Sioux Falls Roosevelt 

Record: 20-9

Head Coach: Kevin Vanderwal


Mya Vandrovec                292 kills (.367), 23 aces, 31 blocks

Abby Ward                          239 kills (.258), 24 aces, 25 blocks, 375 digs

Zoie Husman                      231 kills (.229), 34 aces, 23 blocks, 416 digs

Annika Svenningson       137 kills (.383), 71 blocks

Elizabeth Denevan          48 aces, 24 blocks, 319 digs, 9.3 asts/set

Mandy Dierks                    303 digs

Emma Hille                          55 blocks



Since the start of October, the Riders have been riding high. They haven’t lost a game in-state since September 28. They have a very senior-heavy experienced team led by Mya Vandrovec, Abby Ward and Elizabeth Denevan. Roosevelt has become one of the best defensive teams with a strong block and Zoie Husman and Abby Ward getting to a lot of balls. The last time Roosevelt played Harrisburg they lost in five sets, look for them to be focused as they try to get to the semis.



#4 Brandon Valley 

Record:  22-9

Head Coach: Marette Grage


Josey Wickersham                           168 kills, 45 aces

Liz Kopp                                               41 aces, 27 blocks, 712 assists

Mya Hejl                                              41 blocks

Taylor Stemen                                   231 kills, 40 aces

Hannah Parliament                         167 kills, 54 blocks

Kazi Ellingson                                     35 blocks, 149 kills



Brandon Valley has been dominant at times this year but haven’t been as consistent as they’d like. Their last three wins have been some of their best work this season though. They hope to continue to build on that foundation as they surge. Hannah Parliament has been great at the net. Taylor Stemen continues to lead all over the court and Josey Wickersham might be one of the most underrated attackers in the state. This BV team has the makings of a very good team, but the competition will be fierce.



#5 Pierre 

Record: 16-5

Head Coach: Tiffany Stoeser


Remi Price                           141 kills (.224), 33 aces

Ayvrie Kaiser                      277 kills (.255), 33 aces, 55 blocks

Lily Sanchez                        106 kills (.317) 33 aces, 83 blocks

Reese Terwilliger              116 kills (.248), 82 blocks

Aliese Christopherson    235 assists

Addison Cumbow            219 digs



A very strong season for the Govs. They get back to the state tourney for the first time since 2016. They got off to a strong start winning 9 of their first 10. They have been an extremely efficient offense and have been one of the best blocking teams in the state.


#6 Harrisburg 

Record: 19-9

Head Coach: Ronette Costain


Abby Meister                     305 kills (.197), 383 digs

Morissen Samuels           233 kills (.347), 37 aces, 76 blocks

Francie Mertz                    138 kills (.305), 39 blocks

Kaelyn Snoozy                   127 kills

Jada Wassink                     59 aces, 223 digs

Kayleigh Hybertson         50 blocks

Zoe Rallis                              316 digs

Maggie Meister                6.1 asts/set

Ali Dierks                             4.5 asts/set



The last time Harrisburg played Roosevelt they went five sets and this one should be great as well. The Tigers went through a rough stretch in late October with a brutal schedule but have put it back together. Morissen Samuels and Abby Meister have been putting the ball away with freshmen Kaelyn Snoozy and Maggie Meister constantly improving.



#7 Sioux Falls Lincoln 

Record: 19-11

Head Coach: Erinn Thorson


Bailey Plourde                   371 kills (.218), 59 aces, 25 blocks, 376 digs

Linnea Nesheim                126 kills (.223)

Taryn Kirsch                        112 kills, 35 aces

Samantha Zeeck               10.2 asts/set, 39 aces

Brynn Kirsch                       54 aces, 470 digs

Anna Engels                        44 aces, 24 blocks


Notes: The Patriots problem has been consistency, but when they're at the top of their game they can play with anyone. They shot out to a 9-1 start before hitting a rough patch in the middle of the season but they found a way to get to state. They'll match up with O'Gorman on Thursday a team they took to four sets a few weeks ago. They have some really good top end talent and some young emerging stars but they've yet to put it all together. Watch out if they do. 

#8 Huron 

Record: 14-10

Head Coach: Joshua Lien


Brynn Gose                        236 kills, 208 digs

Emily Dale                           214 kills (.264), 26 aces, 72 blocks

Hamtyn Heinz                    33 aces, 36 blocks, 583 assists, 261 digs

Karsyn Kopfman               49 blocks

Heaven Gainey                 118 kills, 130 digs

Bryn Huber                         433 digs

Reese Rozell                       37 aces, 301 digs



The Tigers went all the way to the title game last year and fought their way back to the state tournament with a SoDak 16 win over Jefferson. Emily Dale and Brynn Gose have carried over last years’ experience and led the Tigers to a strong finish. They have quality wins over Jefferson, Brandon Valley , Mitchell and Pierre in the last month.







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