Howard Wood Dakota Relays 2022: Girls Special 800m Field

A detailed look at the nine young women set to compete in the 2022 Howard Wood Dakota Relays 800m Special Event.

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UND Hockey: Adding To The Tradition

For the second year in a row, a goal in sudden-death overtime in the NCAA Tournament put an end to North Dakota Hockey’s national championship dreams. Ethan Frisch: It hasn’t really sunk in that it’s done. Like, we’ll never skate with this group again. Right when it happens, it’s just shocking…You don’t prepare for it. You always expect to win and...

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A Runner's Story: Stephen Heidenreich

Watertown’s Stephen Heidenreich was on the cusp of making the 1976 US Olympic Team before a near-fatal accident set his life on a different course. Alex Heinert shares his story of determination on Episode 110 of Midco Magazine.

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Platinum Champions 2021

Ask anyone associated with high school track and field in the Dakotas about the 2021 season, and they’ll all say the same thing… This year was special. The lack of a spring season in 2020 is partly the reason for that, confirming the old adage/80’s hair band chorus, “You don’t know what you got…’till it’s gone.” But along with the emotional lift...

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Howard Wood Dakota Relays 2021: Girls Special 200m Field

MidcoSN’s Alex Heinert highlights the field for the Midco Sports Network Girls Special 200m at this year’s Howard Wood Dakota Relays.

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