Cougar Chronicle With Chris Johnson, USF Men's Basketball: Ep 14

The University of Sioux Falls men’s basketball team went 1-1 this past weekend, but are lamenting a missed opportunity. The Cougars could’ve clinched the South Division title with a win at Upper Iowa on Saturday, but they fell late to the Peacocks 75-69.

The previous day, USF won a hard-fought and intense defensive struggle 51-49 over Winona State. Sioux Falls head coach Chris Johnson was pleased with the overall effort on the weekend, but admitted his team did not have a good week of practice leading up to those games.

On this episode of the Cougar Chronicle podcast, CJ and Midco Sports Network’s David Brown discuss how they’ll improve in practice this week, getting ready for the final two games of the regular season, including a matchup with in-town rival Augustana, and why his idea for Valentine’s Day didn’t go according to plan!


0:33 – Chris Johnson discusses the mixed feelings following a 1-1 weekend, explaining how his team’s effort has made the wins so enjoyable and the losses so excruciating

2:30 – David and Coach Johnson discuss one of the ‘ugliest’ games USF has ever been a part of (win or lose) in the 51-49 win at Winona State.

4:57 – CJ explains the final play call at Winona State and the resulting game-winning free throws by Chase Grinde.

7:15 – The discussion moves to the Upper Iowa game, where USF started on a 16-0 run, but had to fight back just to tie the game at halftime.

9:06 – David and CJ discuss the performance of Upper Iowa’s Jareese Williams, who scored 30 points in the 2nd half, despite some tough and physical defense from the Cougars.

11:32 – Coach Johnson admits his team is frustrated by the missed opportunities this past weekend and wonders if practice will be different this week.

13:16 – CJ explains why practice and the final two games of the regular season vs. Augustana and Wayne State are going to be an opportunity for his team.

17:15 – David and CJ discuss if he’s going to tell his players about the specific goals in front of them or focus solely on getting better.

18:51 – Chris tells a hilarious story about some mixed signals he received from his wife about how to approach Valentine’s Day!


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