The Voice: Greg Merrigan

Like every sport, track and field features a specific soundtrack. The crack of a starter’s pistol... The click of spikes... The ring of the bell lap… And – at the biggest meets in South Dakota for the last three decades – the voice of Greg Merrigan. Troy Sturgeon, Brandon Valley Track and Field: “People recognize that voice, “Hey, this is a pretty...

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Teddy Krivarchka: Growing Up With Golf

Matt Krivarchka looks on as his son Teddy tees off during a practice round at The Country Club of Sioux Falls.

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UND Hockey: Adding To The Tradition

For the second year in a row, a goal in sudden-death overtime in the NCAA Tournament put an end to North Dakota Hockey’s national championship dreams. Ethan Frisch: It hasn’t really sunk in that it’s done. Like, we’ll never skate with this group again. Right when it happens, it’s just shocking…You don’t prepare for it. You always expect to win and...

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The Art of Communication: Nick Huntimer | Midco Sports Blog

A long-time sports information director at Dakota State in Madison with an unparalleled passion for his school and his sports.

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A Runner's Story: Stephen Heidenreich

Watertown’s Stephen Heidenreich was on the cusp of making the 1976 US Olympic Team before a near-fatal accident set his life on a different course. Alex Heinert shares his story of determination on Episode 110 of Midco Magazine.

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