Celebrating 100 Episodes of Midco Sports Magazine

Recently, Midco Sports Magazine aired its 100th episode. To celebrate this milestone, we've gathered some of the most impactful MAG stories from over the years.

This award-winning show is produced and edited by Josh Munce. Learn more about Munce's passion for creative storytelling in The Man Behind Midco Sports Magazine, a blog by David Brown.

Now sit back, hit play and be inspired.

Driven: Lance Christensen Jr.

Congrats to Little Wound's Lance Christensen Jr. for wrapping up an incredible high school golf career! ⛳️ The 2019 South Dakota Class A state champion's drive is what sets him apart, whether it's on the course or in life.

Elizabeth Galvan

Elizabeth Galvan – a deaf, one-armed body builder from Fargo knocks down every obstacle in her way.

NDSU Football's Spencer Waege's Faith Helps Him Overcome Adversity

Ahead of the 2020 FCS Championships, here's a look back on a story we did on Spencer Waege, fro South Shore, SD. Spencer was ready to move to Fargo and tackle the challenge of playing FCS college football as a DE at North Dakota State University. Support from his girlfriend Evie made the move easier, but a tragedy at home would test his family and faith.

Finding A Way: Miles Krajewski

A young man from Yankton faces challenges at home and abroad in the sport of para-badminton.🏸 See how Miles Krajewski sizes up his competition

Ambition: Marvin Van Beek

You’ll notice what Marvin Van Beek is missing - but you won’t believe what he can do.

Guidance: Lisa Lockhart

Make-A-Wish South Dakota made one little girl's dream of meeting barrel racing superstar Lisa Lockhart come true – and Midco Sports Magazine came along for the ride.

Mini Mascot: Nick Ellerbroek

From local sports to major teams like the Chicago Bulls, this 6 year-old from Sioux Falls is making a name for himself in the world of mascots.

Faster Than Fear: Kitty O’Neil

Kitty O'Neil has been in movies, had a Barbie made in her likeness and set a number of speed records both on land and water. Some say she has a disability - she considers herself unstoppable.

Armed With Heart: Richard Lupkes

Meet Richard Lupkes - one of the toughest guys on the planet and a four-time world arm wrestling champion from Minnesota.

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