The Man Behind Midco Sports Magazine

He has no idea I’m writing this. In fact, he’s probably reading this sentence and thinking about how he doesn’t want any attention and how he’s just doing his job.

Well, Josh Munce, I’m sorry, but this needed to be written!

For those who don’t know, Josh Munce works for Midco Sports Network as the producer and editor of Midco Sports Magazine, our award-winning show that utilizes storytelling to showcase unique stories and features surrounding the sports we know and love. And we love the fact that Midco Sports Magazine is expanding even more this coming season!

Midco Sports Magazine started as a quarterly show in 2013 with only four episodes a year. It eventually morphed into a monthly show with 12 episodes a year and continued in that capacity until March 2019. On August 26, Midco Sports Magazine will return as a bi-weekly program with two episodes per month until roughly May, equating to around 18-20 episodes a year! In essence, compared to five years ago, we’re putting together five times as many shows!

The Man Behind Midco Sports Magazine

None of that would be possible without Josh. Although he himself would attribute the show’s success to the hard work of a group of people, Josh is the straw that ultimately stirs the drink.

When you watch Midco Sports Magazine, you see host Tom Nieman, and you hear stories from Tom and the rest of our on-air talent. But pretty much every visual, every musical cue, every pop of natural sound is Josh. It’s Josh who uses his talents as a videographer to capture stories at their absolute best. It’s Josh who looks and thinks of creative ways to shoot an interview. And it’s Josh who pieces it all together.

When story ideas come to us, either internally or through outside suggestions, we work with Josh from start to finish. It’s a process, but it’s incredibly rewarding once you see the finished product. In just the past month alone, Josh has traveled from Sioux Falls to Rapid City, Fargo, Denver and Minneapolis. I tagged along with him on the trip to the Twin Cities, and we were fortunate enough to get bits and pieces of at least four different stories you will see this upcoming season.

I have the easy job in the sense that I get to conduct interviews and ask questions. Josh is the one making sure we have everything we could possibly need, from multiple cameras and tripods to batteries and extra lights. Believe me, our company vehicle was packed to the brim!

These summer months are when Josh shines the most. With more shows than ever to prepare for, Josh dedicated this summer to collecting stories and making sure not only the show, but the network itself, is in a great position to be the premiere destination for sports features.

I think that’s what makes our network so fantastic — that we put out a premium product in two distinct areas: live game broadcasts and storytelling. There are a ton of talented people at Midco Sports Network, but when it comes to storytelling, Josh adds exponentially to the quality that you see.

Maximizing His Time

We are a little more than a month away from the season premiere of Midco Sports Magazine, and Josh is still hard at work to get things done. To me, it’s ironic that his last name is basically a homonym for months (Munce/months), because it does not matter what time of year it is. Josh will get things done. Although he’s in overdrive right now (basically becoming ‘Summer Munce’), he’s just as dedicated during the autumn, winter and spring.

Quick aside: I unsuccessfully lobbied for him to name his infant daughter Summer, Autumn or Winter. But rest assured, Eleanor Munce has a great name and a great dad!

Something Is Always Better Than Nothing

Josh has a motto printed in his cubicle: Ex nihilo nihil fit. It’s associated with ancient Greek philosophy and means Nothing comes from nothing. Every day, Josh strives to make sure that Midco Sports Magazine and its storytelling mean something.

In past blogs, I’ve alluded to how Midco Sports Network is like a team in that everyone knows their role and we all root for collective success. And earlier in this blog, I wrote how Josh is the straw that stirs the drink. But no matter what metaphors I use, the one thing you need to know about Josh is that he’s just like all of you: hard-working, creative, appreciative and giving. He gives his all to this network and that, in and of itself, is a story worth telling.

So raise your glass (either metaphorical or physical) to Josh Munce, who’s made something out of both Midco Sports Magazine and himself. Cheers!

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