2024 NSIC Tournament Top 3 Plays of the Day

Check out the Top 3 Plays of the Day from each day of the NSIC Men's and Women's tournaments.

Women's Quarterfinals - Day 1

3. Megan Zander with the steal and score
2. Lexie Schneider wouldn't be denied
1. Joey Batt ➡ Natalie Bremer 

Men's Quarterfinals - Day 1

3. Josh Brown finds Lincoln Meister
2. Drew Blair at the buzzer
1. Dylan Peeters: block. Kyreese Willingham: slam

Women's Quarterfinals - Day 2

3. Alayna Benike with the nifty reverse
2. Bri Stoltzman as time runs out
1. Taytum Rhoades to Abby Johnson

Men's Quarterfinals - Day 2

3. Block and Break – Caleb Van De Griend’s rejection sets up a score
2. Warrior Way – Connor Dillon gets a big bucket to ice the game late
1. High Flyer – Dunwa Omot with the steal and slam

Women's Semifinals

3. Slip Screen Score: Megan Zander finds Lexie Schneider underneath
2. Maverick Magic: Joey Batt with the hoop and the harm
1. Zander Zing: Megan Zander with the block and three in succession 

Men's Semifinals

3. Bulldog Alley-oop – Joshua Brown to Lincoln Meister with style
2. Clutch Maverick – Justin Eagins with the tiebreaking three late in the game
1. Big Game Blair– Drew Blair goes off for 38 in win.

Women's Championship

3. Spin Cycle - Lexie Schneider with the nice move and bucket
2. Maverick Dime – Destinee Bursch with the sweet pass to Joey Batt
1. Mavericks are Champs – Minnesota State University Women's Basketball takes it all

Men's Championship

3. With Authority – Drew Blair finds Mattie Thompson for the flush
2. Deep Dagger – Malik Willingham from downtown
1. Mavericks are Champs – Minnesota State takes home the trophy

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